We're different...


Nothing is more painful than when families have problems.  And in times of high emotion, it’s easy to make poor decisions.  That’s why it’s important to have sound advice  during difficult times.  We concentrate only on the legal issues that are important to families and nothing else.

We can help during your darkest hour with solid legal counsel and, perhaps even more importantly, compassion.


...in a good way...

I felt I had a highly capable professional as well as a good friend in my corner. He gave me sound advice and deferred to my decisions. I learned a lot about about negotiating from him. I also feel he was always honest with me - even when the feedback was potentially upsetting, he gave it to me straight. He was a genuine advocate - he kept me out of court and got me a fair deal. His billing was straightforward and reasonable. I’m grateful that Stephen is out there - during a turbulent time in one’s life, when you find yourself most vulnerable, it’s heartening that there are professionals who won’t exploit that vulnerability. Stephen is a good man doing good work.
— Bucky F.
The cliche I heard most commonly about lawyer selection was that you should find a “pitbull,” but in my experience what you need in fact is a lawyer who can exercise tact and discretion, but can bust out a little pitbull when needed. Stephen Chen neatly struck this balance for me, and I will continue to work with him in the future.
— Paul T.
I was always under the impression that “marriage is scary” and “divorce is way too expensive.” Now, I am confident mentally and emotionally going into marriage. I think Stephen says it best, “Marriage is hard work but nothing in life worth having comes easy.”
— Richard C.

...and we're here to help.


Whether you're facing a divorce, going through a custody situation with your ex, dealing with the anxiety and uncertainty regarding potential financial issues such as support or division of assets, or maybe you just need premarital, marital, or non-marital relationship consulting, The Law Office of Stephen Chen is ready to stand by your side to get you through it.  

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